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John Douglas

Hi, I'm John Douglas, I'm the managing director at La Hoya Language School.

John Douglas's Bio:

John Douglas is, first and foremost, a linguist, he loves language learning and language teaching. His main goal is to impart this to the teachers and students at Centro de Estudios La Hoya, especially the many young learners we have. He organises cultural activities which promote language exchange so that business people and university students can join in a social context to practise their languages. If you're interested in finding out more about John, or reading his blog, please visit La Hoya Language School

John Douglas's Experience:

John Douglas's Education:

John Douglas's Interests & Activities:

I love using the latest technology in my school and in my work. In my free time I play tennis and poker, spend time with my wife, Monica, and my dogs Baisi and Bella.

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